Pullman-Ermator T11000 HEPA Dust Extractor

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The Pullman-Ermator T11000 is truly unique and has no equal. His incredible power and huge filter surface will affect the way of working for grinding and polishing floors. If you want to work with a floor grinder, a pre-separator is not even needed. The Pullman-Ermator T11000 will allow you to grind an entire shift without delay because of filter cleaning. To connect two big floor grinders, connect between each grinder a C5500 pre-separator. You will notice that the T11000 will significantly improve the performance of your diamond grinder and you will also save time and costs to clean up afterwards.
The dust separation in the cyclone is done in 3 steps. The cyclone operation first separates the coarsest particles. Then, the finer dust is filtered out by a polyester prefilter (99,9%). The remaining fine dust is separated with the aid of four HEPA-13 filters with a dust separation efficiency of 99,995%.

Power : 11 kW 400 V / 3-phase / 50Hz 32 A

1100 m³/h
-28 kPa
Ø 102 mm
Main filters
4,9 m² (>99,5%) Absolute filters (HEPA-13)4 x 2,5 m² (>99,995%)
Dust collection Longopac
Dimensions 1400x785x1800 mm
Weight 365 kg
Sound level 74 dB (A)
The Pullman-Ermator T11000 is delivered complete with 10m hose (Ø76mm) and a Y-adaptor 102mm -> 2x76mm.

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